We are a small kennel who breeds Kishu Ken USA and strives towards breed preservation and awareness of the Kishu Ken. All of our dogs are registered NIPPO, AKC, UKC and FCI. Our goal is to invite others to appreciate the breed like we do. 

Where did we begin?

I'm Kristina, owner of Akagawa Roushya Kishu Ken. Myself and my husband Jason have been long time enthusiasts of the Japanese dog breeds and had wanted to include them into our home for some time. In 2020 we got the opportunity to import a bitch from Ukraine. Immediately after meeting Ume we fell in love with the Kishu Ken. Less than a year later we imported a dog from Japan, adding Enkai to our home. At this point we knew that breed prevervation and awareness of the Kishu Ken of utmost importance to us while mainting a well balanced and tempermentally sound dog. Within the same year we brought in another bitch from the breeder who helped us secure our first two, who was born here in the states. Mine has been the most recent addition to our foundation dogs.

 Our goals for our kennel is to provide homes with well rounded dogs capable of show, sport or just plain old family fun. 

Meet Our Pack

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