Akiyama no Roushya Rainomine go

Mine is our most recent Kishu addition after falling in love with the breed a few years ago. She is just over a year and is a spunky little thing. Mine is a sesame Bitch bred by Akiyama no Roushya in Oregon. She has been a bit slower to mature in terms of her sensitivity so we currently are not working on any confirmation titles since the show ring wasnt for her at this time. She tried her paw at FCAT but found it slightly boring and decided to sprint around happily instead.

Our hope for Mine is to do scent work either in a trial type setting or working in SAR/HRD. But for now we are enjoying this girl as a wonderful hiking buddy and little snuggle bug. We do plan to return to the show ring in time as she matures some.

We started to do her OFA health testing that is required to breed but do not have immediate plans for a litter. We would love to let Mine grow into her giant personality before we decide what her path will be.