Question: Can they be off leash dogs?

Yes! But this takes a lot of work on the handler and the dog together. The Kishu is extremely independent and wants to work with you not for you. They want motivation that will benefit them not you. That means off leash if they find something more intriguing they will take off and explore. If you have a solid bond with your Kishu they will return to check in but most likely wander off again to find something new. You need to have a very good recall on your dog and encourage the off switch when in prey mode if you can. Commitment and consistency is key in having an off leash Kishu Ken!

Question: Are they cat safe?

The Kishu Ken is a high prey drive dog that will actively look for and hunt small animals. However they can live with small animals such as cats, rabbits and even chickens. This requires very early socialization and a plan for impulse control. With time they can happily co-exist in the household, and you find they become best buds. Working on a nice recall and off switch will add a sense of security for you as you can easily call the dog off if absolutely need be.

Question: How are they with kids and in a family environment?

Kishu are extremely outgoing with people. They love giving kisses and playing with anyone that will give them the time. As with most everything, early intro is a plus with the Kishu Ken. As puppies you should bring them out to socialize with kids and adults but be aware of their limits. You want them to want to be out and interacting not forcing them. If they are not properly introduced to kids at a young age they may be more standoff ish or have a higher level of annoyance of them. Our dogs were raised with kids and have a very healthy bond with them. They are alwasy up for an adventure together!

Overall, the Kishu makes a great family addition!

Question: Do they have any aggression issues?

On occasion the Kishu can be Same Sex Aggressive or Dog Reactive. Almost all of the time its with dogs outside of their home environment. We try to enforce a neutral understanding of dogs which helps the Kishu with ignoring the presence of others. This can become a safe guard if you are approached by an unfamiliar dog or if your dog gets loose.

Question: Can they be good small space dogs?

They absolutely can be small space dogs IF you can properly exercise them! They need walks daily and mental stimulation like training, games or sports to occupy their brains. The Kishu given the right things they can achieve just about anything, even apartment living.