UCH RACEA Katsusaburou go Tomoe BCAT

Enkai was our first dog imported here to the US from Japan in 2021. We co-own him with another breeder, Akiyama no Roushya, in Oregon. Currently he holds titles as a UKC Champion, has his Advanced leg in Precision Coursing, and his BCAT. We are also gaining points in AKC towards his CM and hope to achieve that this year in 2023.

Our future goals for Enkai are trying various sports such as Barn hunt, Dock Diving and OB/Rally titles. He is a very willing to work boy when he wants to be but he has a lot of potential.

Enkai will be fulfilling his co-own contract this year and potentially the next with his first few litters. We are waiting on OFA health testing to finish before that occurs though.