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Originating in Japan, The Kishu Ken is one of the 6 medium sized breeds called the Nihon Ken. Considered a primitive hound they were used in hunting mainly boar and deer. To this day you can still find Kishu that actively hunt. They are an energetic dog with a whole lot of personality! A strong bond is very important for you and your dog. This helps build a level a trust as the Kishu are a dog that prefer to work WITH you not for you.

They are highly trainable given the right style and tools. However they are still an extremely independent and high prey drive dog making them a challenge to some if they want a lap dog that ignores its surroundings. A large amount of training needs to be geared towards handler focus and proper socialization.

Kishu can live in a house hold with small cats and other dogs, however it is important to introduce early and work heavily on impulse control.

Same Sex Aggression and Dog Reactivity can exist among some of the Kishu especially to dogs living outside their pack. By early socialization and creating a neutral reality for the dog, they can be managed easily and you may be able to avoid further issues.

The Kishu Ken can be an all around dog when given the opportunity. They will work with you with the right motivation to achieve just about anything you throw at them.

An overly outgoing dog to people they mesh well into families and can be brought out into public events. They are extremely active and would prefer to run and do something to engage their mind. They do have a nice off switch, meaning if you are hanging out in the house having a lazy day they will gladly crash nearby. But if you have an active lifestyle and want a companion to not tire out along the way, well this could be a dog for you.

Sports such as FCAT, Barn Hunt, Agility, Coursing events, Dock Diving and even Confirmation are all great opportunities for you and your dog to work together and have some fun.

As of right now White is the primary color bred among breeders here in the US as well as Japan and Europe. They do also come in sesame; either red or black sesame, red and the unfortunately the functionally extint black and tan.